Kathy Coffin-Sheard-head coach

Formerly an assistant coach for the men’s and women’s teams at  her alma mater, the University of Georgia, she was also a Division 1 -12 time All-American and member of the United National Swimming team for 3 years, carrying a 9th place world ranking in the 50 meter freestyle.

Having coached  the “Lunch Bunch” (professors and grad students) at the University of Georgia opened her eyes to the beauty of coaching masters( being thanked for workouts was and is still amazing!).  Relocating from Madison, WI, with her family & dogpack, has given this former art educator, an opportunity to work with the  Masters swimming community in the TC area.

Embracing all aspects United States Masters Swimming, Kathy’s goals are to connect with as many adult swimmers as possible, to work with a diverse age ranges & abilities & to inspire adult swimmers to set and attain new goals.

Sean Cabbage-

Sean and his family moved here to TC several years ago as he is connected to the medical community at Munson hospital.  Sean is not only a spectacular swimmer, as he swam in college & he also brings in his expertise as a two time Louisville IRONMAN finisher.  His knowledge of the sport of all three disciplines make him a great resource for our team.

Barb Krause

A state record holder in the 400 IM, Barb has mastered all 4 strokes.  She swam in college at              and continues to help coach whenever she’s available.

Megan Murray

A former high school swimmer of mine, Megan is a reliable lifeguard and stand in coach at the YMCA.  She brings a mild manner and great personality to the deck.